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Here you'll find my featured weddings, sessions, and more.


Read about my whirlwind month of photographing six weddings.

A Tale of Six August Weddings

Get the details on how I planned and hosted my first photographer's retreat.

Fall Photographer's Retreat

Learn how to prepare for and what to expect at your boudoir photo session.

Annual Boudoir Party

Rachael & Tyler's Cape Cod wedding was a beautiful weekend of sun and celebration.

A Cape Cod Wedding

How you can boost your business with a personal branding session.

My Personal Branding Session

Out of the Office

I'm taking off July 7 - August 3. Here's what I'm doing!

Out West - Day 1

What an awesome first day in Oregon! Here's what we did on day one.

Out West - Day 2

A day in Waldport, OR

Out West - Day 3

Travel day from Waldport, OR to Crescent City, CA

Out West - Day 4

The Redwoods... just wow

Out West - Day 5

Travel from Crescent City to Sebastopol

Out West - Day 6

Sebastopol and the wineries!

Out West - Day 7

Travel from Sebastopol to Oakhurst. Yep, still in California..

Out West - Day 8 & 9

Yosemite + Driving to Vegas

Out West - Day 10

Grand Canyon North Rim

Out West - Day 11

Moab and our tent stay

Out West - Day 12

Arches + Monticello

Out West - Day 13 & 14

Driving to Denver + seeing my sis!

Madeline & Daniel

March 6, 2021 wedding day review!

Katie Beth & Logan

May 8, 2021 wedding day recap!



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A Rose Gold and Green
Organic Wedding