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March 31, 2022

I have to admit, I’ve been distant lately. My mind has been pulled in 25 million different directions and I hate the feeling of not having full control over my life.

If you missed the huge announcement a couple weeks ago, my husband quit his job to work with me.

Rock quarry session

Never in my LIFE did I think I could work with my husband. I would see all these husband and wife photography teams and think “oh that must be nice, what a dream.” Nick and I are…. different, to say the least. Different work ethic. Different political views. Different opinions on a LOT of things.

But one thing we have in common: love. We are truly soul mates.

Blah blah blah – cheesy I know. Nick has worked a physically demanding job for 8+ years, 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day. I’ve hardly spent time with him because of our work schedules, and seeing your partner be miserable daily makes you miserable, too.

So, we prayed. A LOT. I wish I could say we trusted in God more than we have, but in all transparency, I’m a fixer and I selfishly think I can fix everything. That is where I reached my breaking point.

I’m not going into the emotional details because they’re irrelevant at this point, but I have to give glory to God for finally opening my eyes to what I can’t control and trust in the one who controls it all. It is SO scary to think you are responsible for supporting your family and a guaranteed paycheck every week is no longer your life. Your mindset and priorities change entirely, and that’s okay.

Nick and I both agree that this may work together or he may need to go find another job. But for now, we are walking together the path God has put in front of us. It’s scary to surrender, but finally giving all your worries, stress, anxiety, depression, and pride to God… I can finally breathe again. Jesus gave His life so that I could find mine.

Enough about personal life, about RAW Images, LLC…


I moved in after Thanksgiving when my old studio building sold. Once again, God has a plan for everything and even when you think it’s the end of the world for you it’s really just the beginning of a new journey. I’m grateful for this season and even more grateful to be serving all of YOU! If you haven’t visited my new website go take a look! It is a work-in-progress, but I did it myself (from a template lol). I’m taking less clients, but serving each client MORE. Also making sure I make time for mental health breaks, spiritual breaks, me-time, whatever you want to call it. Boundaries are necessary for everyone, but as a small business owner I’ve had more mental breakdowns than I have in my entire life, even through nursing school and my nursing career. I shoot sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday’s only. If someone requests a Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday I’m charging an additional fee for “off day” shoots – 1. to detour people from booking on those days and 2. if someone really wants to book those days I will be compensated for working on my off day. Simple as that. BUT I have plenty of time on my shoot days and I start as early as before sunrise and work all the way into the late night. Did I mention I have a beautiful studio space we can use if outside isn’t your thing?!

The studio is also available to local photographers for RENT any day of the week, especially on the days I don’t shoot.

More blogs coming soon! On the to-do list include topics like my favorite locations for sessions, new print shoppe products, work+personal trips, all the things! Have a great rest of your week, and let’s take pictures together soon!! Book HERE :]

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