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Why you need to book a boudoir session NOW!


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well, Christmas, too, but I’m talking about the RAW Images Annual Boudoir Party! On January 15, 2022, I’ll be hosting the boudoir party at the RAW Images Studio in downtown Hartselle. These sessions aren’t just for celebrating your New Year’s resolutions—I’ve planned the annual party in time for you to gift a special someone for Valentine’s Day.

So what’s a boudoir session anyway? As much as they’re an intimate gift for your partner to drool over, they’re also for you. It’s a time to get pampered from head to toe, to embrace the beauty of your body and this season of your life. 

Booking a session at the RAW Images Annual Boudoir Party includes professional hair and makeup, two outfit changes, a 25-minute photography session, and 20 proof images in a password-protected online gallery. You’ll also get yummy snacks (can you say charcuterie board?!) and wine to sip on. This year, I’m offering a discount on a Little Black Book add-on—the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Before your session, I’ll be sending you a questionnaire to learn more about you and your comfort zone (like the music you’d like me to play during your shoot). On the day of your session, you’ll enter the studio building where there’ll be an area to hang out, snack, and drink while you’re waiting your turn. Feel free to bring your drink of choice—whatever gets you feeling confident and relaxed. 

On shoot day, you’ll come into the studio to begin hair and makeup. You will love Olivia’s style—that’s a promise! I’m happy to partner with her to provide all of my clients with natural looks that enhance their beauty, rather than take away from it. And we work together so well because that’s my photography style, too. 

We’ll be using a bed and a backdrop for tons of different looks during our 30-minute session. You’re welcome to wear as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable. (I’ll keep some strong liquid confidence nearby if you need extra help feeling good in front of the camera.) Your requested playlist will be playing in the background, and it’ll be just us and my assistant in the room. Feel free to bring a friend that can cheer you on if they would be helpful to you! We hope to create an environment where you can be at ease to be yourself and feel good in your own skin.

Here are important things to keep in mind as you prepare for your boudoir session:
1. Arrive well rested and hydrated with a completely clean face. Your hair doesn’t have to be clean.
2. Don’t wear a bra the day of your session—they create lines that are difficult to edit out.
3. Bring deodorant, a change of clothes, your drink of choice, and an item of clothing of your partner’s (like a button-down shirt or jersey—bring options!).
4. The night before your session, eat something you’re familiar with that won’t upset your stomach. 
5. If you plan on getting waxed, do so a week or two in advance to give your skin a chance to calm redness and inflammation.
6. If you need a haircut/color, get it done at least two weeks in advance. This gives you a chance to fix it (if need be), and for a more lived-in look.
7. I don’t recommend spray tans, especially against white linens, but if you insist, make sure you get sprayed not sooner than three days before your session. You’ll want to shower at least once after getting your tan, too, so you don’t stain the linens.

Expect to receive your 20 proof images within a week. Remember that we are capturing you, in all of your beauty, just the way you are. I will be softening end editing out blemishes and bruises, but I will not be editing off weight. We are, no doubt, our own worst critics—you’d be surprised at the photos your partner loves to see!

It’s crazy how fast these sessions booked—I only have TWO spots left! To book your session, just email and we’ll be in touch. I can’t wait to spend time celebrating you babes at the boudoir party! 


[NOTE: I respect the intimate nature of boudoir sessions and would never share client photos without asking for their consent. The woman featured in these photos is my talented friend, Emma, who is a professional model.}

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